You spend countless hours each day trying to reach people on every platform but end up no where. No clients. No inquiries. No sign ups. Nothing.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of social media and trying to be everywhere. But it would be a better use of your time to be where your dream clients are.

Not sure who your dream clients are and how to be irresistible to them? Find out how here.

Once you know your dream clients, it will be easy for you determine where they are because you are writing a story all about them.

Should you have a profile on every platform? Not necessarily.

There is no point in starting an Instagram account until you are able to regularly add content to your profile with a solid strategy in place.

That is key.

Sure you can share content on all platforms using Buffer or Coschedule but when it comes to making connections – go where they are.

After you determine who your dream clients are, you need to figure out where they are. Try this::

List out all of the popular platforms and next to each one list out why it is or would be valuable to your business.

Knowing the purpose of each platform will also help. For instance,

  • Most professionals are on LinkedIn
  • Most women are on Pinterest – also know that Pinterest is more of a search engine and if you want to be found, I recommend getting on there.
  • Instagram is a visual way to share.
  • Twitter moves quickly and can be hard to jump in to but it is a great option for sharing your content repeatedly and connecting with others.
  • Finally, Facebook is where most people are – either in groups or just scrolling through their feeds. It can be a challenge to get their attention though.

I used to spend my days on Facebook desperate to be seen. It wasn’t until I started to get deliberate with my time and offerings that things started happening.

So discovering where your clients are hanging out and creating content that speaks to them is a must.

You don’t want to waste your time on social media getting nowhere. Be purposeful and deliberate when on social media.

TAKE ACTION: Make your list of social platforms and then decide how each platform can be valuable, where a majority of your dream clients are spending their time, and narrow it down to a maximum of three.

Once you have your three (or less) social platforms, decide what value you can bring to your dream clients.

Will you be in groups connecting and offering advice? Will you be writing promotional posts and sharing them on your profile? Will you be creating images and sharing those?

Determine what, where and how then create a daily checklist so you can stay on track. Each day, do the things on your list.

This consistency is what most entrepreneurs are missing in their marketing. And remember, everything you share should lead back to your website.


  1. Rhonda Swan

    Great information here. I find that running facebook ads is where it is at for me. Posting consistent, valuable content and then running ads to target the right demographic helps me find my coaching clients.

    Keep up the great work here and live unstoppable!

  2. Laura

    Thanks for sharing this – I’ve been wondering about how best to use social media for my new business and now I’ll be thinking about it in terms of finding dream clients 🙂

  3. LJ Sedgwick

    I write for design and tech so a lot of developers hang out on Twitter…which is handy as it’s my favourite platform!

  4. Adree

    Great tips. At first I tried to do it all and didn’t have any success. Then I took a step back and focused on Pinterest and now I feel like I’m ready to start adding one more social platform. There is just to much to do if you try to do (learn) it all at once.

  5. Marjie/Home Again Jiggety-jig!

    Mine are on FB and Pinterest. I won’t feel bad now about no twitter or Instagram. I’m glad I read this today.

  6. Gee

    Yes ! I love that you mention 3 or less social media platforms. I’m a freelance social media manager and I am always telling people that 3 is really all you need.

    The most important thing with any social media platform is to be consistent with it and if that is where your clients are, they WILL find you.

    Coming over from Blogging Boost.

  7. Rachel

    Such a great post! It’s so important to know where your readers come from and where to find more clients so you can utilize those platforms better!

    Rachel /

  8. Cole Nemeth

    This is really good advice! Social media can be so overwhelming, it helps to break it down and come up with a strategy.

  9. Prairie Wife

    Awesome info and has me inspired to take the time to make a more focused social media plan!

    • Rita

      Me too! Honestly, hiring help was the best thing I could do for my social media plan.

  10. Chris Milton

    Great post Rita! I’m glad your helping people focus their target market and find ideal customers. Too many people still think they can “sell to everyone”

    • Rita

      Definitely, Chris. I think that people start out thinking that and have some horrible experiences with the wrong clients. These can lead to the great burnout. From my own personal experience and struggles, I know that actually knowing your dream clients makes things so much easier. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  11. doaa salah

    Great information here,I love this tips to take action,my goal for this week is makeing more focus on social media.

    • Rita

      Hi Doaa, I had to re-think my own social strategy recently so I know how important this step is. No one should waste time trying to be everywhere.

  12. Jocelyne

    This is very helpful. I’m now focusing on a few platforms to find them. Yes I do agree Facebook can be hard. But it all comes down to consistency. 🙂 Lots of value here. -Jocelyne from

  13. Ash

    I always ask my clients this:

    Social media is nice and all that, but what exactly do you want from those networks?


    1. Social media networks are still “people”. Try to connect and not just sell.
    2. Use social for content distribution, for connecting, and for letting people know that you exist (in a good way). Just don’t do “social carpet bombing”.
    3. Now, to Rita’s point, don’t spend too much time on social. I agree with you, Rita. “Be Deliberate”, and only do exactly as much as you should.

    Awesome post 🙂

  14. Annick

    Great ideas! I spent so long trying to make it through Facebook when my audience hangs on Instagram… Common mistake I guess!


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