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You want your website set up but just don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself.

You aren’t sure about your branding or design so you just want the basic setup. You are not interested nor do you have the time to learn how to do all this stuff like setting it up let alone figuring out the design.

You just want to get started. You know you need a website to build credibility and control your online message.

The details

You will receive a five page website designed for desktop and mobile. It will include a basic layout with a simple type logo (unless you have a logo already), appealing colors, fonts and images that would speak to your target audience.

Timeline: 14 days
Payment Option 1: $500 down payment and $197 monthly for 12 months
Payment Option 2: $2500 (50% down payment + 50% in four weeks)

In order to keep this service at this affordable price, there will be one round of revisions so you can make changes to the text but layout cannot be adjusted.

What do I need to get started? After you pay your deposit invoice, you will be sent a list of all of the items needed. This includes things like specific text for pages, colors, fonts and basic layout options. Regarding the text, sections will be provided to give you direction.

Does this include a logo or any graphics? A standard text based logo will be provided but no detailed branding or strategy is provided. This is a basic design/redesign. Should you want something more customized, my custom web design service would be a better fit.

You will be given free access to my branding bundle in order to complete the brand exercises which will help determine your brand identity and strategy.

Ready to get started?

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