The last post in the Blogs that Convert series focused on being an affiliate to increase your income, but diversification of your revenue is the single most important thing you can do. Let’s talk about creating products and services that deliver.

For the longest time in my business, I focused way too much on one income source, design. Yes, I was an affiliate for products but I wasn’t blogging regularly and definitely wasn’t promoting so the only affiliate sales I received were from my clients.

Even if you are a service based business, you can and should create products. I listened to my clients and audience so I’m creating more products. I like to empower my clients so they are not dependent on me for little tasks. However, they know I’m there if they need me and it gets too technical or overwhelming.

What type of products can you create?

You can create ebooks, mini courses, guides, webinars that you can re-purpose, free challenges, really anything as it pertains to your business and industry.

Creating products of any kind is a great stream of passive income that you create one time then sell over a period of time as long as it is still valuable. Again, if you are offering services as well then having products can do four things for you:

  • Allow you to showcase your authority and expertise on a topic.
  • Allow you to take on less 1:1 work which can be draining and overwhelming if you do too much.
  • Allow you to reach a broader audience.
  • Allow you to grow your list to connect on a deeper level.

How will I know what to create?

Think of what you can offer based on the value you are providing that your audience needs and is willing to pay for.

Rinse and repeat — so don’t just make one product and be done. Keep creating.

TAKE ACTION: Keeping your eyes on your own paper and not comparing yourself to anyone – what can you create that is valuable yet comes easy to you?

When it comes to services, maybe you don’t have any idea about what people want or what you can create to offer.

Here’s what you should not do –

  • do not just throw a random service on your website because you saw it on Popular Patty’s website.
  • Do not just toss out arbitrary pricing with no research or forethought.

Make a list of the things you do really well then condense the list to a maximum of five things you do great!

Here is a mistake that most people make when they first start out: they offer about 10 to 15 services instead of getting crystal clear and creating package offerings.

Too many services can be overwhelming.

The last thing you want is a visitor to be overwhelmed or underwhelmed on your website. Instead of telling them the features of what they are getting tell them the end result or benefits.

An unforgotten service is consulting. Consulting is teaching and advising. You would be surprised in what you could teach.

Not everyone knows as much as you so if you offer consulting be sure that you know exactly who you are talking to.

For instance, you would not want to talk to established business owners about how to create a website. They have a website already. They need the next level of service.

My consulting takes it past the website and focuses on how to organize your business systems to increase productivity and profits through the creation of more strategic visibility techniques.

TAKE ACTION: Make your list and then condense your list into a few services you would enjoy offering. As always, eyes on your own paper.

After you have either a product or service or both, that is where you create your blog topics. Then you can go back to looking at creating categories by narrowing down your topics.

Finally, you write your blog posts then you start promoting them wherever your audience is hanging out.


  1. Emily

    This is an awesome post. I saved it for later use. I love it because anyone with a blog can relate, and there are very specific points that can be used for inspiration in so many ways! Thank you for this post!

    • Rita

      Thanks Emily. I am so glad you found it useful. 😉

  2. Jesi Allen

    Great post Rita. I agree that everyone knows something better than someone else. Think about how much free advice we give away every day.

    We can learn from everyone that touches our lives. And everyone has a unique perspective to share.

    • Rita

      Yes, Jesi! It is so easy for us to think that everyone knows this or that. I agree, even if someone else is teaching something, you will do it different so don’t get caught up in trying to be so different.

  3. Erin - Suburban Simplicity

    Thanks for the post! I am defining what my product is going to be and also contemplating a service and this helps me narrow my focus.

    • Rita

      Hi Erin, thanks for the comment. I do think that sometimes we overthink what we can do for other people. The best thing is to offer something you love to help others with. =)

  4. Amber

    Love this! I’m trying to move into products and services, rather than just affiliates. Great tips.

    • Rita

      I love my affiliate, Amber. But, I do think you need more to make blogging financially beneficial. I love creating income diversification.

  5. Joanne | No Plate Like Home

    I’m a new blogger and found this useful. I hesitate to think anyone would buy Ebooks from me but they just might and I will try some day. Thanks for the needed push.

    • Rita

      Hi Joanne, I’m so glad you found it useful. I hope you do try to create some products. I’d love to hear about them. =)

  6. Samantha

    I offer some free downloads right now, but eventually I want to start selling some. Thank you so much for the tips!

    • Rita

      Yes, Samantha! Free is great but having some paid things actually helps validate your business plus is always a nice bonus. =)

  7. Jen|Practical by default

    I love the comment to keep your eyes on your own paper and not compare ourselves to others. We do that so much!

    • Rita

      Definitely, Jen! It is so hard but I think it is one of the most important things we can do.


    This is so useful! I did some consulting about 17 years ago, and never considered that I might have a “product” to sell. Thanks for helping me open my eyes to my own paper!


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