Branded with Strategy

Imagine feeling so connected to your dream clients that you were able to create products and services just for them. I mean, you’re accomplished and qualified.

You know exactly what you can do but you just don’t know how to put it all together and get clients.

This is exactly why your business hasn’t quite made its mark. For example, whenever:

  • People ask you about who you work with, you panic and come up with some vague description with no specific person in mind making it impossible for them to send potential clients your way.
  • You sit down to write your services and get everything organized only to walk away with a blank page.
  • You decide to create your own website and you spend hours endlessly roaming the internet unsure what colors or images to use.
  • You meet someone who you think would be a dream client and you GET SO FIRED UP because you know they need you. Then you proceed to question yourself and lose the sale.

You just want people to like you and buy your stuff.

But it’s not your fault.

Really. Creating your own brand is hard.

It’s typically full of a lot of comparisonitis where you go look at your competitors and see how great they are doing then start to question yourself or worse you try to mimic what they are doing.

And can be filled with vague descriptions of who your dream clients are because let’s face it you will work with anyone who contacts you.

Yeah, it can get pretty ugly, but here is the good news –

Branded with Strategy starts here…

Step 1: Get the clarity you’ve been searching for so you can attract the dream clients who you find you irresistible.

Step 2: Picture your new brand identity created specifically to attract those dream clients based on their wants and needs.

Step 3: Adjust your mindset. Attracting your dream clients just got easy.

Enter Branded with Strategy…

…where you will be put through three exercises that will help you uncover your dream clients and what solutions you can offer to them; discover your brand words and brand mission, plus your brand identity where your fonts, colors, and patterns are brought to life.

Just. Like. That.

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