Do you want to make extra money while promoting someone else’s products or services? Yes, please. This is called being an affiliate.

How does being an affiliate work? You use a product, love it, and see if they offer an affiliate program.

If so, you sign up as an affiliate, agree to their terms, and start promoting.

If you make a sale, you get paid a small commission. Most places do make you wait about 45 days for the commission. Others might make you earn a specific amount prior to payout.

Be sure that you follow all of their rules like submitting a W-9, connecting your payment preferences, etc. so you can actually get paid.

You will also want to add a disclosure statement telling your audience that you may make a commission should they use your link. You need to disclose this because the FTC says so – read more here.

Remember you are not just doing this for the money but you are doing it to help your audience. Helping them to use the best products and to solve a problem they have.

The commission is just the bonus. If you look at it like a money making thing, then you are doing them a disservice.

Affiliate Promotions

To share your affiliate and other recommendations, you could create a Resources page.

I also encourage you to go the extra mile and write a blog post based on your experience with each product. You could talk about how to set it up, what made it special, or any information that your audience would find valuable.

When you write the blog posts and you are on social media (trying to be helpful and answering questions) it is much easier to send them to a very detailed and helpful post verses an affiliate link.

This helpful post could be the deciding factor in them purchasing.

A Few Tips

I urge you not to endorse any products or services that you haven’t tried and used successfully. It comes off disingenuous and people can tell.

Also, I would never require that someone use a particular product just so you can make a commission – just recommend what you prefer based on your experience. If they decide not to buy, no problem.

And finally, if you are using WordPress a plugin that I use and recommend that is FREE is Pretty Link Lite. It helps you to shrink, beautify and track your ugly affiliate links.

Now, you are ready to make a list of potential products or services you could recommend.

Do you have any favorite affiliates in mind? Tell me all about them in the comments.


  1. Briar

    Hey Rita,

    Interesting! I haven’t tried being an affiliate before, but I can see how it could be a good extra source of income if the products are ones you genuinely recommend. When you say you see if they offer an affiliate programme, do you literally just email them and ask?

    • Rita

      Hi Briar, thanks for commenting. Sometimes, I will email them. Other times, if you look in the footer they will have a link to sign up to become an affiliate.

  2. Patty Virginia

    I just signed up for Weeblys affiliate program and was approved. After reading your article now I have direction in what I need to do next. Thanks.

  3. Mary

    Very interesting. I don’t have a monetized blog, but I love that you are putting disclaimers. I think those are always the best way to go.

  4. Heather

    A resources page is a great idea! A long time ago I used to work with Amazon affiliates, unfortunately my state passed a law which made it not possible to work with them anymore. Since then I have definitely had a difficult time finding a way to maximize affiliate income. Great tips here though!

    • Rita

      Yeah, that isn’t good about Amazon, Heather. There are some other affiliate programs you could sign up for though. Just look at the things you love using to see if they offer an affiliate program.

  5. Bren Pace

    Great post! Affiliate Marketing can be a great thing. I’ve been doing it for awhile and have made some extra cash. I think the biggest thing is marketing without coming across as a pushy salesperson, at least for me. Passing this along.


    • Rita

      Definitely, Bren! I think just sharing your recommended resources is key then it isn’t pushy but helpful. Thanks for commenting.


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